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Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Electrical

At Sea-Tac Electric, your satisfaction is our mission. We go to great lengths to assure you receive the best service at the best price with the highest quality possible. We help achieve this goal by first assuring that we are a safe and efficient company.

Thomas Hargreaves, CEO
Thomas Jordan, President

Sea-Tac Electric understands the impact our performance has to our valued customers. It is our goal and personal guarantee that when you select Sea-Tac Electric, Inc., you will have a business partner that exceeds your expectations.

Do you want your electrical work done right the first time? When you hire Sea-Tac Electric, you know you’re getting quality service from a skilled, experienced and honest technician.

Sea-Tac Electric believes working safely is a value. We foster an environment where employees feel they have a hand in creating a safe work place, rather than simply avoiding an injury or penalty. By empowering our employees through training and education, we cultivate a more compliant and proactive work force.

Sea-Tac Electric maintains a comprehensive Safety Management Program that depends on sincere, constant, and active participation as well as the support of all employees. Our Washington State workers’ compensation rate is well below the state average and we have received continuous recognition from ABC for our excellence in regards to safety.

In 1988, Congress enacted the Drug-Free Workplace Act to assist and require federal contractors to establish and maintain a work environment that is free from the effects of drug use and abuse. SeaTac Electric stands behind this goal and is committed to protecting people and property, and to provide a safe work environment through a drug and alcohol-free atmosphere.

Sea-Tac Electric’s Drug Free Workplace Policy prohibits the use, sale, possession, and distribution of any drug substances. Employees are required to submit to testing used to detect the presence of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs. Circumstances for testing include pre-employment, post-employment, random, unannounced, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion.

The Contractor Score is an empirical tool derived from the contractor’s documented and verified information. It is based on objective calculations without subjectivity or bias. The main goal of Contractor Score is to provide a concise gauge whereby customers may evaluate the short-term liquidity and management capacity of the contractor relative to its own needs. It is not a bond nor guarantee of performance. The emphasis is on liquidity, working capital, leverage and profitability of the most recent fiscal year and fiscal quarter as it relates to the existing backlog. Available funds contributing to the liquidity may be internal or external.

Sea-Tac Electric, Inc. is committed to sustainability as a company—in planning, construction and our corporate culture. From minimizing office waste to recommending building materials, our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our business while at the same time improving the quality of the projects we create for our clients.

To help reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources, our in-house design and engineering team work closely with our construction management team and vendors to create structures that encourage sustainability during the lifecycle of a building. We explore such options as efficient lighting and aggressive lighting control schemes, alternative energy sources, and environmental friendly waste management systems. During planning and construction we encourage the use of alternative energy sources and recycled building materials.

Together with our partners in the construction and design industries, SeaTac Electric works to lessen our impact on the environment as we conduct business, and also increase the longevity and quality of what we build to ultimately improve the lives of current and future generations in the communities we serve.

Sustainable lighting design creates a comfortable and healthy interior environment while leveraging abundant daylight and fresh air provided as part of the building envelope. Daylight, lighting design, natural ventilation, improved indoor air quality, and views enhance the vital human link to nature.

Rooted in passive strategies, sustainable electrical design contributes to energy conservation by reducing or eliminating the need for lighting and promoting the use of renewable energy sources. Smaller and more efficient building systems reduce pollution and improve building performance, comfort, and life cycle. Controls and technologies, lighting strategies, and on-site renewable energy are encouraged and should be employed with long-term impacts in mind.

We understand the importance of the work we conduct and the tremendous impact our performance has to our valued clients. It is our goal and personal guarantee that by selecting SeaTac Electric, Inc., to complete your project, that you will have a business partner that will exceed your expectations.